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E & ME College (CEME) is a constituent college of NUST — a federally chartered university – since its formulation. After becoming a leader in imparting quality undergraduate and graduate education, CEME is aiming at grooming visionary innovative leaders for sustainable development, intellectual and important wellbeing of humanity. To this end, it wants to establish a company namely ICE2 that shall focus on four critical dimensions. Eventually ICE2 will establish an Innovation Park, which is an emerging trend not only in Pakistan but also in most of other countries to incubate and sustain the innovative entrepreneurial eco-system. Being an entrepreneur is still not considered a professional career path in Pakistan because of its high-risk factor. Innovation Park will serve as an incubator and accelerator for ICE2 trainees, interns and employees.

The good governance of the ICE2 will be the key ingredient for promoting accountable, transparent, efficient and effective, and equitable values among ICE2 community. ICE2 is key core values for good governance are: Workplace Freedom, Shared Governance, and Merit.

To achieve the financial stability, ICE2 needs to raise PKR 450 million (approximately $4.5 Million). The financial model and its professional analysis reveals that with this seed money, the ICE2 will achieve financial sustainability within 5 years by spending 50% of the its budget on developing an eco-friendly, purpose-built company campus in Islamabad. The majority of the rest of the money will be invested in HRD, interdisciplinary research centers and its startup accelerator.


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