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We offer modern & state of the art incubation service. Highly secure and fully managed space is coupled with mentorship and funding opportunities. Apply Today!

Skill Development

ICE2 offers skill development courses like no other in the country. Some of our flagship training courses include "Stress Capital" and "Leadership through Adventure".

Projects & Consultancy

ICE2 is located in College of E&ME where we have more that 100 faculty members specialized in multiple disciplines. You have a challenging problem to solve? Contact us!

What else we provide?


From final year projects to industrial requirements, we provide all sorts of manufacturing services.

Product Display

ICE2 has a display center which is frequently visited by heads of public and private organisations. This makes it an ideal platform to showcase your product.


Yes! You read it right. We have coffee brewed using Italian machines.

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Trained Graduates

What our graduates say

This workshop was just more than being awake for 72 hours and so, it was something which taught us all to discover our limits, to discover what wonders our bodies are capable of doing, which we were unaware of before. It was such a great experience, facing everything along with our fellows and seeing everyone shine on the last day. 
I am pretty sure that we all weren't the same people who walked through the door on day 1 when we walked out on the last day! 
It is a pleasure to say that I am proud to be a post graduate of SCW-01.

Ushnah Abbasi
SCW Graduate

Despite of this tight schedule with no sleep the atmosphere was so motivating and positive that we all simply loved it. Those of you who were not there have to experience it.
Have seen nothing like this before.

Shahzeb Khan
SCW Graduate

72 hours long unforgettable experience, the entire workshop was just the right and an accurate blend of everything, starting off from academics to working on our soft skills to team building and then finally stretching ourselves physically to a point where we never would've imagined our capacities laid. One of the many take aways:
It always seems impossible, until its done!!
Proud graduate of SCW-01

Namrah Nasir Khan
SCW Graduate

I am honourned to be mother of Ali Moaz who had participated in a healthy exercise which has been going on since past 3 days, which has enhances his skills and prepared him to deal with difficult situations. Moreover, this activity has made him stonger both mentally and physically and at the same time taught him to survive in hard or extreme situations. I would like to take a moment and appreciate the staff and mangement who arranged this excellent workshop and encouraged pupils to take part in it. This is certainly a great initiative not only it will give a great experinece but also will assist students for day to day activities.

Mother of Graduate

About Us

E & ME College (CEME) is a constituent college of NUST — a federally chartered university – since its formulation. After becoming a leader in imparting quality undergraduate and graduate education, CEME is aiming at grooming visionary innovative leaders for sustainable development and spiritual wellbeing of humanity. To this end, it has established EME Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICE2).

ICE2 is based on four cornerstones that can be realized by adopting carefully planned comprehensive strategies.

  1. Preparing Healthy Future Disruptive Leaders
  2. Doing Society Relevant Research & Innovation
  3. Developing Entrepreneurial Eco-system               
  4. Building Happy Families and Societies
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