Name of Product/Companies  Description of Products Commercialized or in Trial Phase
RISETech 1. Therapeutic Device EKKO for treatment of autism (neurological disorder). It is been deployed for testing at some private children hospital.
2. Squint analysis using Hess chart. It is deployed at AFIO and other private hospitals.
Wisdom Wheel Wireless 1. Smart Switches which are touch enabled and can be controlled through the mobile app. Deployed at ICE2. Got the order for NCRA and DPL.
Frames Pie 1. Sold many frames for glasses online to many customers.
Pak Zar Zameen 1. Working with Ali Akbar group and sprayed crops with drones at some fields on trial basis.
128 Technologies 1. Provided design for airframe fuel system to PAC Kamra, After the approval of design the project is now in manufacturing stage.
Pak Vitae Pvt. Ltd. 1. Water Purifier. Sold for domestic purposes to many clients.
Project Manufacturing Lab 1. Manufactured majority of final year projects inside College of EME and outside.
Motorized Bed (Product) 1. Motorized Bed is deployed in MI Room at College of EME.
Artificial Limb (Product) 1. Product is ready. Provided to one of the amputees at College of EME.
Infant Incubator (Product) 1. Installed at two private hospitals in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

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