ICE2 has successfully concluded the 10 days National Engineering STEM School event: Program held from 25th July to 3rd Aug 2022 in collaboration with Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF). It was a 10 days residential program for makers, builders, and inventors featuring hands-on STEM activities coupled with sports activities.
The young scientists got a unique opportunity to connect with professors, expand their knowledge through real-world science activities and demonstrations.
To mark the end, these bright minds came together to exchange ideas, immersed themselves in the world of science and technology to create and deliver some excellent projects.
Students at National Engineering STEM School 2022 were all set and worked on their final projects that included building models for their respective themes: Design, EM Design, Automotive, Aero & Electronics/IoT. From taking temperature and humidity readings, assembling hydraulic brake systems to magnetic simulations, students engaged in various processes to create their models.